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Train in 21 Weeks for a Rewarding and Fulfilling Career within the Health Care Field

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Great Careers Begin with Health Care Training

A rewarding career is more than just a good salary. It is a position that allows you to make a positive impact on individuals and the world. A health care career offers this and much more. If you are interested in health care training, we provide it at CHN College of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The instructors at our private vocational institution train students to become health care aides and health unit clerks. If you complete the 21-week course, you will receive a diploma and can begin working as a health care aide upon completion. We are ready to help you learn what you need to know to become a valuable part of a health care team.

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About Us

Giving students the opportunity to improve their lives was one of our founding principles. We looked at the limited job opportunities available for some people, mainly new immigrants to Canada.

In response, we began training immigrants as well as Canadians, who either were in the health field or wanted to enter it. Nurses and doctors with foreign credentials from other countries have taken our course to gain an understanding of the Canadian health system.

There are several reasons why our program is attractive to potential students. Our tuition fees are more affordable than many private schools because we have less overhead to pass on to students. Because of our small class sizes, there is more opportunity for one-on-one instructor/student time.

Additionally, one of our affiliates hires health care aides and nurses, providing greater opportunity for employment upon graduation. The majority of our students are typically hired either by the long-term institution where they are sent or the hospital where they do their practicum.


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